3tk/box Originaal Arvan, et vape Asteroid Pod 1,5 ml mahutavusega pod Vape Thinkvape Asteroid Kit vape padrunid tarvikud

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€8.72 €6.98

Arvan, et vape Asteroid Pod

Andmed: 1.6 oomi

pakendid: 3tk/pakk

25075 Soovitan Pod System kit

Pack 3tk/pakkÜhilduv Mudel Arvan, et vape Asteroid KomplektMudeli Number Arvan, et vape Asteroid podBrändi Nimi ThinkvapeVastupidavus 1.6 oomiVõimsus 1,5 ml

Märksõnad: voopoo lohistage 2 refresh, bike tark treener, egiidi suurendada pod coil, coil kit, vape, coil rba, lohistage x rta, algne thinkvape, mod vape, podstick.

Hmtpbuh09 2020-12-03

Unfortunately, it is not what I wanted but it is my mistake, I thought it might work with my minifit, but it did not. It is for another device.

Seregavin1979 2020-09-24

To Chelyabinsk reached 14 days, everyone did not check, but in appearance everything is OK.

Vasiluk91 2020-11-17

It came with another product in one package, everything is whole, I order not for the first time. Supplement after application)))

Serlet74 2020-10-30

The goods are good, came quickly. Taste these evaporators pass well, if you consider that it is pod

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