TEYES SPRO Plus Toyota Camry 7 XV 50 55 2012 - USA VÄLJAANNE Auto Raadio Multimeedia Mängija, Navigatsioon Nr 2din 2 din dvd

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Päritolu CN(Päritolu)Brändi Nimi TEyesOperatsioonisüsteem AndroidErilised Omadused TVEkraani Suurus 10"Sertifitseerimine EACPinge 12VDigitaalse Meedia Formaat JPEGTF/Micro SD Pesa 0OSD-Keel ingliseDin Üks DinSõiduki Marki/Mudel TOYOTALiides multimeedia Toyota CamryToote Kaal 2kgEripära Toetust 4G Võrku

Märksõnad: autoraadio 1.din, multimeedia, Auto Multimeedia Mängija, 50 camry, väljaanne embleem, toyota corolla verso raami android, ees camry 2018, konditsioneer camry 2012, pagasivõrk toyota corolla, android toyota camry 50.

Mousefun25 2021-01-27

The goods went a little less than a month all the whole. I'll set it up.

Eva Sheremeteva 2020-12-12

I bought gu 11.11 quickly. Took for Camry 50 USA 2012. Everything came up. Although honestly I thought that I could not do without the Dorothy. The camera was as a gift, too, everything is good, the review is not great but the quality of the norms. Who needs more review, you need to order a camera for money. Everything works, hope so everything goes well!!! If there are changes, I'll add a review.

Pjenkins 2020-12-06

The radio is beyond praise, everything is very convenient, the buttons on the steering wheel all works, the seller put the camera in addition. The order came within a week from the date of shipment

Ingelochek Dubova 2020-12-20

The tape recorder took on the Camry 50 SE, everything got fine, I had to cut the plastic next to the clip, and then the air conditioning unit did not get in place. Has done adaptation CANbus and everything works in regular mode, buttons on the steering wheel, even shows the air direction data of the air conditioner unit. Quality and nice product, I really like it. In the future I will add my feedback. The camera that went in the kit did not put, it's cold outside. But the native camera works, the resolution is not Ahti but everything is visible

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